Artist Diego Fidelis lives in Washington State, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where nature is so inspiring. Art and music have always stirred in his blood since he can remember. As a child, he drew on a big bright blue formica table that his family had in the kitchen in Brazil. He filled this table with his drawings every day. The table was cleaned by his mom every night, ensuring he would always have a blank canvas for the next day to let his creativity flow in the child’s universe: imagination, freedom and infinity. This must be the reason his favorite color is blue after looking at this table for many years!

As a self-taught musician he remembers that even as a young kid he appreciated and paid attention to the sounds, rhythms and melodies in a song.  Although this sensitivity for music had been present in his childhood, later as a teen he played his first instrument: drums. After that he expanded into one of the most complex and rich sounds: the piano, learning to play by ear. As an adult, he took cello lessons for a few years. He graduated from College in Advertising and has worked for advertising agencies in their art departments in the past.

Around 2016, after meeting with the artist Carol Schwennesen in her studio on Vashon Island, he recognized that paintings could have a similar blending of passion, atmosphere and drama as he had found in music. She became his friend and art mentor. He now finds freedom exploring his new creations: Music helps him find inspiration for his art and his paintings inspire his music. They knit visual and non-visual worlds into connectivity, revealing new frontiers.
Colors, shapes, and flowing lines create me anew every day, as they open my soul into new awarenesses. Dancing lines and curves flow creating sounds and rhythms of life pulled into physical form by songs inside me. Strong and bold colors are the blood coursing through my life. I feel that all nature, animals, abstract figures and conditions carry music within them. These sources both contain and release freedom and infinity. As I tap these resources, the art and music through which my life unfolds reveals conditions I had not experienced before, and through which I am now able to express my life.